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Hi, I'm Kristen - the owner & designer behind Happy Mouse Design. I'm a wife, mama & work-from-home graphic designer, here to serve you in any way & any time I can - as long as it's nap time. ;) I've worked as a graphic designer for 12 years and have loved every minute of my career. Some things about me:

I'm painfully detailed.
When it comes to design or anything else I put my mind to, I'm going to think through every little detail. They may be details no one else would ever really notice, however, I believe it's the little details that create one big effect. One unique brand identity. One beautiful picture of your business. That's why I'm all about the details. Plus, who wants spelling errors, broken links and clashing colors in their advertisements? Didn't think so. :)

I'm a bit of a control freak.
Think back to grade school group projects... Do you remember how there was always one kid who would basically do the whole group project themselves? For the most part, that was me. :/ While at times too pushy, I usually tried to gather ideas from the group, consolidate our thoughts, and lay out a clear path forward. I apply much of the same process when collaborating with clients. I can bridge gaps and bring ideas to life.

I care about you.
One of the most fascinating things about my career is getting to know so many other people, businesses & industries really well! I love learning all about what you do, who your team is, who your clients are & how you engage them. I aim to take your story and express your businesses' identity & values through design.

I think in shapes & color.
I know it sounds strange, but I believe that at the base level, all good designers think it terms of what shapes & colors communicate. Colors and shapes are always saying something - and it's my job to find the right combination for your brand. It's the challenge I most adore!

Soli Deo gloria.
I believe that all I do should be done to the glory of God alone. May He receive all the honor!

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